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A challenging and courageous equality crusader with years of practical knowledge to share.   Funny, eccentric and exciting, Penny is a survivor with compelling tales and huge experiences that dispel the myths around disability.   She inspires, changes perceptions and even cooks too.



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Penny Melville-Brown OBE

New book for New Year.

“A cook’s tour: Baking Blind goes global” tells my cooking adventures around the world, near-death and over 50 international recipes.

Only £12.99 paperback, £9.99 on Kindle (with clickable links to on-line demos and more (also available in different countries).  


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What People Say About Me

“You are an exceptional person who inspires me to do better.”


“She was FANTASTIC - totally saved the day for me.”

Robert P

“Bad ass!!”

Leah H

“Penny's Blind Baking session last Monday was just brilliant! I have been raving about it to the staff at College. Thank you for these sessions - I find them so uplifting.”

Morgan B

"Chris and I both enjoyed your book very much. An amazing journey and very well told in your unique style. You've definitely found your voice (as the critics say) - I felt I could hear you speaking in my head as I was reading."

Nick M
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