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Damp all over.

Water spray is a great alternative to smoke for controlling honey bees. Yesterday, we were extracting over 20 kg of honey from the wax honeycomb

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Slept on it.

I confess that I was incandescent yesterday hearing that proposed tax reductions would be funded by removing benefits from many disabled people.   But I took

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Wheat-free dessert.

My latest cooking experiment: pear and cardamom almondine courtesy of Sarah (another with the patience and understanding of a beekeeper’s wife).   I was testing out

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So much talent.

At a charity conference last week.   What a mass of talent in the room: a former rugby player and singer, a defence specialist, a company

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PIP: a bit of a rant!

Policy-makers want to reduce the costs of this benefit which supports people with disabilities. Firstly, PIP has nothing to do with work.  It doesn’t matter

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Ticket offices saved?

Talking on BBC Radio 5 Live last week about Labour’s plan to re-nationalise the railways, I was emphasising that 1-in-5 of the population are people

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Sticky mess

Definition of Vulnerability: sous-chef carefully pouring large container of warm sticky honey into jars and unable to defend himself without spreading stickiness everywhere.  Too tempting

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Typical Monday morning?

Six tonnes of gravel arrived at o’crack sparrow to re-fill the drive.   Before the lorry could reverse and drop the enormous heap, one car to

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