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What do workers want?

Taking “afternoon tea” at one of the local FE colleges to mark a friend’s retirement was an insight into the catering training young people get

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Touch tour.

I had a great time feeling my way over a couple of Navy divers: thigh fondling and calf caressing.   No, not that! I was in

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What’s the truth?

BBC “Today” programme fan-fared changes in Government approach to benefits for disabled people who manage to get back to work: not losing their benefits as

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Bah! Humbug!

What would Scrooge think of this vision of Christmas Present: battling between various strikes, constant price-hikes, an energy crisis during freezing weather, nations at war

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Ready for Christmas?

Download the free Christmas recipe booklet.   Try these savoury buns  I discovered in France a few weeks ago, flavoured with smoked salmon or the taste

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