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The Mouse Man cometh.

Home cooking. I must have done something good some time to have deserved my outstanding housekeeper, Karen. She has been supporting me for over 21

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As January draws to a close…

Hurrah!  Massive congratulations to the sous-chef for completing his January “Run your Age” challenge for Age UK with a day to spare.  Not only

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Treading carefully

Making progress.  Good news: the hospital bed and all the other paraphernalia has gone back and, hurrah!, I’ve actually walked down the front path to

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January rambles

Hot stuff.  The sous-chef is still pounding out his daily quota as he runs his age.  Sponsorship welcomed at  and all goes to Age

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Happy January

Running for Age UK. The sous-chef’s challenge for January this year: running his very considerable age. The combination of an old serious injury plus his

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Sixty years on.

Just finished Mickey Spillane’s book “The Snake” (published 1964).   Staggering attitudes towards how men and women interacted: lantern-jawed, monosyllabic Mike Hammer resisting sex before marriage

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New Year Greetings!

Season’s kisses.   Howard arrived with this huge bunch of mistletoe just before Christmas.   It’s hanging in the kitchen ready for kissing duties and he took

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