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World Baking Day 17 May 2022

A special day for sharing the book launch video and refining the Brownie recipe ready for the next on-line demo.   Did you try anything

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Little things….

It must be over a year since the essential plate warmer on my venerable and near-vintage cooker gave up the ghost.   Of course, in this

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Easy Roast Lunch

  Book promotion, press releases and interviews has been at the core of my activities over the last week or so, so actual cooking

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My Sprout

  It was supposed to be a term of endearment for the sous-chef: that lithe sprite.   Have I mentioned it before?   I can’t remember and

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Hot off the Press

Five years from concept to delivery: this week, I’ve finally published the book.” A cook’s tour: Baking Blind goes global” is now out worldwide on

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Bee Myth

It was one of the worst bits of bee nonsense that I’ve ever heard: that honey isn’t a good thing to buy/eat because commercial bee

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“It came away in my hand, Chief.” How well I remember that standard Royal Navy response to anything that got broken. You may recall smug

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