Baking Blind

You don’t have to be blind to cook but it helps; extra sounds and smells, touch and tastes! Our ways of cooking may be different – because of where we live, what we can grow or what we can buy – having a disability doesn’t really matter. Food is the true universal language that breaks down barriers and brings us all together – no matter who, where or what we are.



Recipe of the Week

Party Planning

Surprisingly-simple meringue roll is one of my favourite puddings for summer entertainment: always popular and you can make it ahead too if you add a little alcohol to the filling.

A step by step guide to hosting the perfect summer lunch. 

A step by step guide to hosting a large family gathering. 

Penny Cooking Around the World

Behind the scenes in Chongqing

Behind the Scenes in Chongqing

Cooking in Malawi with Cephus

Cooking in Malawi with Cephus

Home cooking in Malalwi

Home Cooking in Malalwi

Pounding Casava

Pounding Casava

Eddy's Fire-Pit

Eddy's Fire-Pit

Pewter Medal Made by Penny

Pewter Apron Medal Made by Penny

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