As January draws to a close…

Hurrah!  Massive congratulations to the sous-chef for completing his January “Run your Age” challenge for Age UK with a day to spare.  Not only has he gathered a bit of sponsorship for the charity but he has overcome years of trepidation that his lifelong running career had ended due to an injury.  The treadmill may not be as adventurous as the moors of his youth and the rugged terrain of his Royal Marine escapades but has brought his legs twinkling back.  As for me, since my own accident, am managing daily small walks and have even got further than the front gate.  He is an inspiration!


Mouse man returns.  I’d hoped that we’d nipped the problem in the tail but more of the critters have emerged in the house.  They seem to be tracking along the water pipes between boiler, bathrooms, kitchen sink etc.  Even more depressing, the adjoining neighbour knows that something has been scuffling in their loft which, being inaccessible, has been left to its own devices.  Hopefully the humane exterminator can get a grip on them all.


Food for Life by Tim Spectre.  Currently playing on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds, these brief snapshots of the foods we know and sometimes ignore is perfect.  I’m definitely going to continue the three weekly portions of mushrooms in the hope it reduces risk of dementia!  But you may think I’ve missed that boat.


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