Baking Blind Coronation rehearsal.

Join  Penny Melville-Brown on Monday 24 April at 1030  (London time) for a special free on-line cooking demonstration of a cake fit for the King.  Thanks to Open Sight Hampshire, you can sign  up for free at

This wonderfully simple but scrumptious cake features the apples of our heritage so is perfect for this special Royal Coronation event.   Baking it in a large ring mould helps the heat get into the centre of the moist mix.   Then you can go wild with Coronation decorations: crowns, flags and much more.

You can just watch the fun or even cook along with Penny. If you do, you’ll need:

340g self-raising flour.

1 rounded teaspoon baking powder.

1 teaspoon salt.

340g soft brown sugar.

170g butter, cubed.

100g dates, chopped.

30g walnuts (or Brazil nuts), shelled and chopped.

4-5 medium cooking apples,  cored and roughly chopped (650g prepared weight).

4 eggs, beaten.

1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste.

One  large mixing bowl, a small bowl, fork, spatula, buttered and floured silicone ring mould (about 20cm diameter and 13cm high/deep), oven pre-heated to 165C, Gas 3, baking tray.   Measure the height of your mould in the oven and adjust the shelves so it will be in the centre.

“This cake needs to be eaten within a week so this is the chance to get the decoration perfect before making another for your Coronation party.”

Penny said, “The Royal British Legion and the Not Forgotten Association gave veterans like me a chance to sit in the grandstand outside the Palace gates on 6 May.  Getting there before breakfast with a picnic for the long day would have been fun but lost on me when I couldn’t see the procession, the balcony scene or the fly-past.  I stepped back from the ballot and will listen on the radio.”

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