Baking Blind to beat the blues?

Feeling that life is worthwhile and means something is key to happiness.  Just doing something helps.  If I’m feeling miserable, wretched, depressed or distressed, baking is great comfort.

Pork pies seem an odd way of dealing with feeling miserable but work for me: not too difficult but soothingly methodical hand-crafting that can’t really go wrong; several processes that need enough brain-power to be distracting without being too difficult; satisfaction that there are 12 meals already done.

You could try these ginger biscuits and share them with friends, neighbours, the post-person or anyone around.  The biscuits celebrate World Baking Day (today) too.

Some leaves and flowers from the garden plus some sticky tape becomes a hand-tied posy to cheer someone.

Capturing memories for the next generation can mean re-living good old silly times.

Giving someone a helping hand, even with the shopping, spreads a little cheer.

How do you beat the blues?

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