Beaten by two spring onions.

Last year I fell down the stairs and fractured a vertebra.  Three weeks in hospital and more weeks in a special bed at home, it is proving a very long haul to recover.  I’m trying to do all the right things: swimming, exercises, increasing walks, being active around the house.  But every day is a struggle through the pain and exhaustion.

Yesterday, we were finishing the spring honey harvest, filtering the mead and clearing up the mess.  By the end of the day, I was preparing a simple salad for supper: standing to slice the tomato was OK but the spring onions sent me scurrying for a seat.  I can hardly recognise the level of frustration and impatience.

But I did experiment over the weekend with a bottled lemon and honey cordial that is delicious when diluted with fizzy water.  The near disaster was mistaking an avocado for a lemon: it was only once half was on the juicer that I realised that it didn’t have the right consistency.  Just about saved the day but I can’t boast that the cordial has “no added ingredients”.   But still tasted good.

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