British Vogue applauds China artworks

Fabulous illustrations by Baking Blind videographer, nephew Toby, are extra benefits of our culinary world tour – all made possible by the San Francisco LightHouse organisation.

Toby (and I) found the pace and innovation of development in Chongqing in China breathtakingly inspirational.  This was the underpinning theme of his first solo London exhibition last week and his work caught the eye of Vogue magazine.    He has already gained recognition for his “tower” illustrations such as the compilation of London architecture featuring on the china collection being sold by Selfridges on Oxford Street.  He has developed this concept further with a tower of iconic Chinese buildings and is starting to use “glow-in-the-dark” inks to capture the wild night illuminations.

I’m very touched that he dedicated the exhibition to me and the Baking Blind project  which gave us both the chance of so many new experiences – we will be publishing all the videos in a few months once I return to the UK after my accident recuperation in France.

Stop Press: I’ve managed to stand three times this week (nearly unaided) so the soft-shoe shuffle can’t be far away – not bad for just three months since near death.


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