Bullies’ Charter

Set aside the politics: I am in despair that our Prime Minister has just given carte blanche to every bully in the land to abuse work colleagues with impunity.

Now it seems that “it wasn’t intentional” and “no-one told me” can be claimed by anyone who is taken to task for their behaviour.

I weep for all those junior workers, the men and women doing their jobs, who are experiencing abuse, indignity, and torment who have now been told by the highest elected person in the land that their suffering is of no significance and can carry on with no-one held to account.

The lesson: don’t be afraid to speak out (preferably in writing, with witnesses and the date) to anyone and everyone in your workplace and, if you see bullies at work, don’t be afraid to report them too.  Politeness, respect for “authority” and   loyalty are utterly misplaced in the face of a bully.  Stand up and be counted even if you have to claim “whistle blower” protection.


One Rule for Them, One Rule for Us !

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