Chocolate treats

Calling all cooks (sighted or not).   The next on-line demo on Monday 13 June at 1030 is wickedly featuring chocolate: a vegan cake and indulgent brownies.

You can join us for free at:



My guest that morning is Sue, Chair of the Open Sight charity that is celebrating its centenary this year, who will be teaching me the cake.

Meanwhile, with immense self-sacrifice, I’ve been practising the brownies.   Making them is easy but it’s the cooking time that is more challenging.   My conclusion: the temperature of the batch is probably the best test but, even if it comes out too gooey, a little time in the fridge makes it firm enough to cut cleanly.   And no-one trying either batch made any complaints as they devoured the samples.

If you want to cook along with me, you’ll need:

100g raisins (soaked in a little dark rum overnight – optional).

140g butter, chopped.

140g chocolate, broken into pieces.

110g self-raising flour.

30g cocoa powder.

pinch salt.

Half teaspoon baking powder.

3 eggs.

110g soft brown sugar.

100g walnut pieces.

You’ll need a small pan, large mixing bowl, another bowl, an electric hand-mixer, spatula, an 8inch square baking tin (or similar size) lined with baking parchment and, ideally, a cooking thermometer.  Oven pre-heated to 180C, Gas 4.

I’ll post the full recipe plus that for the vegan cake after the event plus links to the YouTube video for anyone who can’t make the event.

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