Drives me mad!

I’m measuring my progress back to fitness by the number of courgettes I can chop.   It is over five years now since the accident and I’m still doggedly pushing on to recover my ability to stand with huge thanks to my outstanding injury trainer, Chas.   His painstaking care, recognition of my lifestyle and sheer skill has made all the difference – worth every penny (and not too many either).

Lunch with a bunch of other blind veterans this week at one of the local colleges.   Most of them are of significant maturity.   It drives me mad that the young student servers address us as “Hi, Guys” when some are old enough to be his great-grandparents!   He did get the message and we became “Everyone” as clearly addressing us as “Ladies and gentlemen” is just too difficult for modern young tongues to get around.

And being “infantilised” and treated like children just because we have a disability.   Grinding of teeth – all the sharper to bite!   There were people who’d achieved great things in life, had highly successful careers and much more but now they were being measured solely on their white canes.

Even worse when some get entangled in health care.   Heard of one man this week who has Parkinson’s Disease.   An ambulance was called because he suddenly had difficulty breathing.   Originally promised within a few hours but took nearly 12.   Perhaps having a disability means that those making decisions have in-built assumptions that our lives are already so low quality and meaningless that we go to the back of the queue.

I’ve warned those with my Power of Attorney to always check that no-one has written Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) on my medical records.   I want them to know that I have everything to live for and am doing a good job of it.

It may seem excessive but I know at least two people who discovered (one the hard way) that perceptions about their disabilities directly influenced health professionals when measuring their priority in the system.

On a very much happier note, I am proud to report that the 12lb Christmas turkey has achieved 48 servings.   This week the wings and drumsticks (which all can be so boring) were turned into a delicious sort of stroganoff that freezes well and can be served with rice, pasta or mashed potato.   I’ll share all the recipes in time for this Christmas.

Catch the Baking Blind Back-to-Basics free cookery demo at 1030 on Monday 13 March.   We are making an easy rough puff pastry.   Sign up for free at:

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