Eggxactly right for Easter.

Here it is: a riot of scattered eggs, chasing chicks and romping rabbits atop the stag’s head cake stand.

This is my basic fruit cake  (rolled out for Christmas and birthdays) but with an internal layer of marzipan baked into the middle.   The raisins, currants and sultanas have soaked in brandy for a month before being strained and added to the mix.   The new turkey baster injected the left-over brandy over a week followed by an ultra-thin marzipan layer.   Finally, the lightest whisper of Royal icing and then all the seasonal decorations.   Just for fun.

If you’ve run out of time, try this very quick alternative fruit cake 

Later this week, lots of ginger biscuits stuffed with more crystallised ginger for the weekly gathering of ukulele players and then roast turkey for the Bank Holiday.

I know: we sound like piglets but there’s quite a bit for entertaining others too.



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