Ex-PM “bamboozled” by science?

A scientific adviser commented on the Covid enquiry and the politician “bamboozled” by science.   She scoffed about those of us who don’t know “mortality” from “morbidity”.   Strikes me that the difference between useless and useful advice is far more important: useful doesn’t make assumptions about others’ grasp of the vocabulary or concepts but offers comprehensible information that is meaningful for everyone.   After all, any serious adviser knows that the average reading age of the population is 11.

Completely different: “The Swift and the Harrier” by Minette Walters is definitely not my usual reading.   A historic romance set in Dorset during the battles between Cavaliers and Roundheads.   Just reading that description makes me feel somewhat sick.   Instead, women from all walks of life challenging male dominance, social stigma and narrow-mindedness.   My ex-Navy colleagues will know the theme but others with life-changing health conditions/disabilities might also recognise the challenges of entrenched attitudes.

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