Happy January

Running for Age UK. The sous-chef’s challenge for January this year: running his very considerable age. The combination of an old serious injury plus his very ancient years means that he’ll use most of the month to reach the distance. Thank goodness that Royal Marine blood is still pumping. Please support him at https://shorturl.at/gyKOS and even make a donation to Age UK. See his progress here: https://shorturl.at/ghsGW

Got your jabs? I may have missed the boat for booster Covid and Flu. Although there was Covid on the ward in hospital last year, no-one was offering protection. Although another virus delayed my progress for a month so I still can’t get out of the house, my surgery said I had to be “registered housebound” for a visiting nurse but couldn’t tell me how to register! Even if I could stagger to a pharmacy, they’ve now stopped doing jabs. There’s just a chance of a flu syringe coming my way but forget the Covid one. Now I’m stuck at home just to avoid getting the bug. After all those warnings and even the official enquiry, shouldn’t there be a more joined-up solution?

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