Have you got one?

The lettuce knife.   Made of plastic so to avoid those delicate leaf cells and fluids interacting with metal, this is one of those exotic utensils that languishes in the bottom of kitchen drawers.   Is it essential or just a gimmick?   It seems that many of the people in my life have never even heard of one.   I’d love to know what you think and whether it is worth keeping: penny@laylands.co.uk.

Being blind can be a costly business.   Just an example: I need screen-reader software to use my Pc and laptop.   IT is absolutely fundamental to my life and allows me to work, live, write, communicate, run a diary and so much more.   If there was a fire, it’s my laptop that I’d grab.

But the screen reader software needs updating (after just four years since the previous version).   That and a few hours of remote on-line training is going to cost me nearly £1,500!   And, if I want to be able to use one of the on-line virtual meeting software packages, it will be another £1,000 plus an annual subscription of £400 in the future.   All of this just to allow me to have a life and take part in the world.   Thank goodness for the Government support (DLA in my case) that offers a bit of help.

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