You never know: tips from a blind cook might catch on.  The new kitchen gadget is a keeper.

For years, I’ve been making big celebration cakes: diligently soaking  the raisins, sultanas and currants in brandy for a month or more.  Once drained, the fruit goes into the mix and all that delicious alcohol put aside for injecting the cooked cake.

This year, fed up with a tiny needle that was endlessly clogged, I tasked the sous-chef to find an alternative.  Next day, a stainless steel “turkey baster” arrived: removable silicone bladder at one end, a choice of two needles to screw in the other and a brush for internal scouring.  It went through the cake and its Simnel marzipan layer like a dream, dispensed the alcohol without spills, cleaned well and I managed to store the brush and needles within the whole contraption.  A bargain for £10.

Don’t you love it when something does the job perfectly!


turkey baster with 2 needles and a cleaning brush.

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