Journey to recovery

Life has been very fuzzy over the last few weeks: on top of the spinal fracture (manageable), still living in hospital bed in conservatory, there’s been some unknown virus.   Feverish temperatures, no sense of smell or taste (except everything seems metallic), delirious (I know, how would anyone notice?), and too exhausted to even pursue the few physio exercises.   Thank goodness, starting to mend and no longer throwing temperatures.   But recovery has been delayed and now have another, postponed, attempt to climb the stairs next week.   It seems as challenging as the Eiger and I have rehearsed getting to Base Camp and considered the logistics of an emergency extraction from the landing!

It is amazing what reaction I’ve had to being pretty ill: one person had seen me looking so grey that she’d gone home to tell her family that she thought I was dying.   Another pitched up and said I was the most resilient person he knew and had absolutely no doubt that I’d be mending soon.   Guess who gets my vote!

On the subject of journeys, my clever nephew Toby has released some new prints of his artwork which even if I can’t physically go there, give me a place to mentally explore. My imagination takes me up the winding paths to the fascinating chapel at the top of the mountain. If you’re interested in his work then please visit his shop here; SHOP 2023 –


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