Lots of silliness.

Sound effects.  The sous-chef has been away for days at a bee convention.  We know he’s getting older, but technology really helps.  His hearing aids connect to his mobile phone so I’m talking direct into his ears.  On the other hand, age has its limitations too such as forgetting to pack his electric toothbrush.  No problem: I can make the brrrring and buzzzzing noises straight into his head while he uses the handraulic version, both giggling ourselves silly.  How old are we?

Great cookery demonstration this week.  It was a rehearsal for my Coronation apple cake shaped like a tower with turrets.  The whole cake was dusted with edible gold powder, surrounded by shortbread crowns, topped with more crowns, flags and other silliness.  It’s very easy to make, keeps for up to a week under the glass dome and looks stunning (I’m told!).  Will share link to the demonstration video when I get it.

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