More on the complaint to Santander Bank

What do you think:

  • When you complain about inaccessible information, does an equally inaccessible reply count?
  • Should staff handling customer complaints be up-to-date about the law?
  • If a bank ignores one bit of law, what other laws are they breaking?


I complained last week to Santander that they were sending me letters when replying to my complaint about discrimination, even though they know that I’m blind.  I have an e-mail address for one of them.

Even more irritated this week to get yet another letter because, they claim, they couldn’t get through on the phone.  Hardly credible when someone has been around for most of the time – perhaps they just don’t appreciate that it can take more time to answer?

But, most damning of all, Santander hasn’t even caught up with the fact that the Equality Act has been in place since 2010 – they are still referring to the old Disability Discrimination Act.  The mind boggles as to what other bits of law they just don’t bother with.

I know that it sounds as if I’m just whinging but shouldn’t they be doing better?


Penny Melville-Brown

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