Party Planning

Summer Lunch



Drinks and nibbles.

Chilled gazpacho soup  with bread rolls.

Individual pork pies  with apple, date and walnut chutney

Coronation chicken (to remember the Jubilee).

Rice salad with sweetcorn, red pepper and French beans dressed with vinaigrette.

Mixed salad served with vinaigrette and mayonnaise.

A selection of cheeses.

A quartet of desserts per person: chocolate brownie square; individual chocolate mousse; orange ice-cream; strawberries Cordon Bleu

Coffee and chocolates.


Day 1.  

Prepare cutlery, crockery, glasses, serving dishes and servers etc.   Locate and weigh out store cupboard ingredients.   Grind coffee.   Chill white wine and lemonade for Pimms.

Cook chocolate brownies and make ice-cream.

Make space in fridge for 4 litre and 2 litre ice-cream boxes to store elements of the meal and save space!


Day 2.

Brine chickens.

Prepare gazpacho soup.

Make mayonnaise and Vinaigrette.

Make and chill chocolate mousses in individual jars with lids.

Create table flower arrangement.


Day 3.

Cook chickens (no need to return to the oven to brown the skin).

Cook rice and fresh beans and cool quickly.

Prepare strawberries.

Chop fruit and cucumber for Pimms.

Prepare carrots, celery, apples, sultanas, tomatoes, roasted pumpkin seeds, peppers, cucumber, spring onions in lemon juice for mixed salad.

Blend soup.

Mix sweetcorn, chopped beans and pepper, vinaigrette with rice.

Portion meat from cooled chickens.   Mix Coronation chutney with mayonnaise and chicken.

Make stock with chicken carcases and vegetables.

Defrost pork pies.

Store all prepared food in the fridge.

Set up tables and seating.


Day 4.

Freeze stock.

De-frost bread rolls.

Cook pork pies.

Wash and tear lettuce before adding to mixed salad.

Lay table and set out glasses and jugs.

Serve soup in cups with bread roll on each saucer.

Use serving dishes for main course elements.

Serve a square of chocolate brownie, jar of chocolate mousse, small dishes of strawberries and separate ice-cream on a plate for each guest.


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