People speak but will the powers-that-be listen?

Over half a million of us raised our voices by midnight 1 September to say we don’t agree with the closure of rail station ticket offices.

Often, we with life-changing health conditions are the ones least heard and least thought about.   Perhaps this will be the time when we are listened to.

I did another couple of interviews on BBC 5 Live radio (at 1644 and 2155 on 2 September) to explain that we aren’t concerned about corporate or political U-turns.   All we want is a practical, realistic and workable way of being able to travel by train.   The powers-that-be seemed to have forgotten that they too are subject to the law and can’t discriminate against us without paying the price in the Courts, in the media and in public opinion.

Huge thanks to everyone who had their say.   We aren’t asking for the moon but just to have the same freedom to travel as anyone else.

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