Perfect timing: cooking for mind, body and soul

In 2017, my Baking Blind project won the inaugural  international Holman prize for blind people with ambition.  Now another blind cook has even better ideas and seeks your support for the 2020 competition for which she is already a semi-finalist.

When all of us are facing the current pandemic, Orly plans to show how good nutritional food can contribute to our physical and mental health. Orly says, “I want to create, empower, and inspire, through a cooking show series on Youtube; to also create an accessible app available to all across the world with guest speakers and recipes to delight and nourish our mind, body, and soul. “

She is uniquely qualified herself having recently graduated as a chef and survived her own difficult background: “I am a recovering opiate addict, who experienced situations of domestic abuse and poor health.  Please go on YouTube and click the like button and share, on my 90 second video to help me strengthen my application.

She’s also just launching her new website:

When so many of us are stuck at home and not having a great time, it’s worth a couple of minutes to support Orly and give her ambitions a further boost.


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