PIP! PIP! Hurrah!

Yes, you too can comment on changes to the Personal Independence Payments benefit for us with disabilities and health conditions.

Don’t forget that we make up about 1-in-5 and, when you add family, friends, carers and more, the proposed changes will affect nearly half the population. This is important!

Two options:
1. Click here to wade through the DWP paper.
2. Support our comments by e-mailing: consultation.modernisingsupport@DWP.GOV.UK by 23 July.

You could say:

I support the comments  of the blind and other military veterans on the proposed changes to PIP and, in particular:

1. PIP should be about helping people regain as much Personal Independence as possible so they can fulfil their life and work potential.
2. Professional experts on functional needs are as important as those for medical conditions.
3. One size doesn’t fit all. We are people, not numbers.
Go on: another chance to have your say.

And don’t forget to write to your new MP too. You can find their contact details at: https://members.parliament.uk/members/commons

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