Pride cometh before the Fall!

I was trumpet-blowing in the last post and have had my come-uppance.

Fell down the last few stairs yesterday and landed in an ungainly heap under the library table, stool and chair.   Much drama with long painful wait for ambulance, confirmation that nothing broken but barely able to move at all due to agony.   Thank goodness for oral morphine and their gas and air mouth pump that finally enabled me to get up stairs and into bed.  Will be stuffing down the pain killers for more days and trying to move regularly so I don’t stiffen up.

Thankfully natural padding probably cushioned part of the fall but I seem to have spun around and landed on my lower back – hence the pain and immobility.

Not really able to dress at the moment and you’ll have to imagine the consternation of the sous-chef working out a sports bra: which way up?  Front? Outside?

The worse is that I had a speaking engagement tomorrow that is already three and a half years overdue because of Covid and more.   I hate to let them down but am barely able to walk, let alone manage the stairs.   Perhaps we can do it by zoom and they can marvel at the headboard?

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