Baking Blind wheat-free savoury crumble mix

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250g porridge oats.

125g butter.

125g hazelnuts, crushed.

125g stuffing mix.


Rub all the ingredients together.

Place on top of filling and cook in the oven for 25 minutes (individual servings) or 40 minutes (large dish) at 160C, Gas 4, covering with foil after half the cooking time if the topping is colouring beyond golden and the filling isn’t yet hot.

My Tips:

Packet stuffing mix varies and usually includes some form of breadcrumb so it will not be wheat-free.   The stuffing can be replaced with dried onion and herbs plus seasoning.   If the packet mix seems to make too dry a mix, add more butter (50-100g) and rub in.

I usually double the quantities to use a whole pack of butter, freezing any spare in a plastic bag.   Spread the crumble flat in the bag so it is easy to break up once frozen.

Other nuts can be used and simply whizzed in a food processor to create various sizes/textures.

Potential fillings need to be at least part-cooked and with some liquid.   I like a mix of part-cooked leeks and cauliflower in white sauce; left-over roast meat and vegetables in gravy.

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