Damson chutney

If you have frozen plums, this would probably work equally well.   De-stoning the damsons from frozen is very much easier than from fresh.

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1350g damsons, stoned

2 and a half onions, peeled and finely chopped

300g dates, stoned and chopped

3 portions GGG

800ml cider vinegar

500g granulated sugar

200g walnuts, shelled and chopped.


Place the fruit,vinegar, GGG , dates and onions in a pan and heat until the onions soften.

Add the sugar and continue simmering until thickened (about 102 degrees C)

Add the walnuts and simmer for a further 15 minutes.

Pot into sterilised jars.

My Tips:

GGG is 100g fresh root ginger (peeled), 50g garlic (peeled), 25g green chillies (de-seeded) – all blitzed to a mush in a food processor.   I make large quantities for use in many dishes (curries and more) and freeze portions in an ice tray for ready use.

This is a chutney that you can make over several hours and just leave on a low heat to soften and thicken.

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