Honey and ginger ice cream

Bee popular demand.


I know: ghastly pun but lots of beekeepers and honey enthusiasts have asked for this recipe.

It is rather wickedly indulgent as I had a vast amount of double cream and was dreaming up ways to use it up.   Then one of the frames in the new hive broke and we had fresh honey (once the bits of wax honeycomb had been filtered out).   So this honey and ginger icecream was born and it works perfectly well without an ice-cream maker.

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1100g double cream

110g milk

35g powdered milk

6 tablespoons honey

12-15 pieces crystalised ginger


Place all the ingredients except the ginger in a pan and bring to the boil, stirring to dissolve the powder.   Remove from the heat as soon as boiled.

Cool in a fridge for at least two hours.

Cut the ginger in to very small pieces.

I churned the cream mix in an ice-cream maker and then layered the mix in to containers, sprinkling the ginger pieces between each layer.

Alternatively, put some of the ginger on the base of a freezer-proof box, pour a layer of mix on top and freeze until firm enough to repeat another layer of ginger and mix.   Repeat until the container is full.

Freeze the mix for at least six hours.

It has a soft texture and can be eaten straight from the freezer!   Utterly delicious and very rich.

My Tips:

I’ve also replaced the syrup with honey in my ginger biscuit mix.   Now I make the dough in to small discs to wrap around a few pieces of the crystallised ginger before pressing in to a more interesting decorative mould.   After 18 minutes cooking, I have a parade of tiny ginger turrets that are chewy at one end and crisp at the other.   And they keep well if you can deter greedy fingers.

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