Lazy Lamb

If warm weather is creating torpor in your kitchen, here’s something incredibly easy to do with an economic piece of lamb.

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1 onion, thickly sliced.

1 shoulder of lamb

3 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced thickly.

2 stems fresh rosemary.

1 glass of wine (or water).


First, line a roasting pan with cooking foil and cover with the onion.

Take a sharp knife to pierce a hole into the meat and insert a piece of garlic and some rosemary leaves.   Repeat all over all sides of the joint and place on top of the onions.

Pour the wine over the lamb and season with salt and pepper.

Wrap the foil over the joint and fold the edges together to create a bag to contain the moisture.

Place the roasting tin of lamb into the oven at the lowest temperature possible for 16 hours

My Tips:

The result is soft, moist meat that falls off the bone.   You can just serve with potatoes and vegetables or be as imaginative as you like.   I took some pieces and, still warm, turned them over in a little pomegranate molasses and fresh chopped mint to serve with a stir fry of courgette, broccoli and shredded cabbage along with a chopped garlic clove.

I’ve frozen the remaining lamb/pomegranate mix with a view to gently re-heating in the microwave and freshening with more mint.

I took the remainder of the shoulder apart by hand: the bones fell out and there was a little fat that could be pulled away.   All the smaller pieces of lamb have been chopped along with the onion pieces from the bottom of the tray.   This will get turned in to a shepherd’s pie.   All the juices and rendered fat has been poured into a container and put into the fridge to separate.   The juices will make the gravy for the pie.

That’s probably10-12 servings from one lamb joint with the minimum of effort – although the last bit was definitely messy!



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