Leek tart

Well, whether you’re planning for a cosy tea party or a lively street party, you definitely can’t go wrong with a delicious recipe that can be shared with everyone.

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Hot water pastry 

3 eggs

4 leeks

knob of butter and splash of oil

250 g crème fraiche

salt and pepper to taste


Pat out a circle of pastry with your hands and press across the base and sides of a 25cm, 10 inch loose-bottomed tart tin.

Prick the pastry base with a fork and then press a sheet of baking foil over the pastry base and up the pastry-lined sides of the tart tin.

Bake blind on the middle shelf of a pre-heated oven 180C, Gas 4 for 15 minutes.

Remove the foil and brush the pastry base and sides with beaten egg.

Return to the oven for another 5 minutes.

Remove the tart from the oven and brush again with the beaten egg to “double waterproof”.

While the pastry cools, trim and thinly slice 3-4 leeks, wash thoroughly before sautéing in a little butter and oil.

Squeeze as much liquid as possible from the leeks before placing in the pastry case.

Mix together 3 eggs with the remains of the previous egg, 250g crème fraiche and season well with salt and pepper.

Pour the egg mix into the pastry case.

Cook for 25 to 30 minutes at 165C, Gas 3.

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