Meringue made easy

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4 egg whites.

225g caster sugar.

1 teaspoon cornflour.

1 teaspoon white wine vinegar.

1 teaspoon vanilla paste.


Whisk the egg whites until firm to the touch.

Gradually whisk in the sugar followed by the cornflour, vinegar and vanilla paste to create a firm meringue.

Spread the mix as evenly as possible on the base of a rectangular

roasting tray (about 8×10 inches), neatly lined with baking parchment.

Cover with another sheet of parchment and cook for 30-40 minutes 150C, Gas 2.   The meringue should feel firm but soft.

Remove from oven and allow to cool for a few minutes.

Place a board over the tray and the top sheet of parchment.

Turn the whole construction upside down so the top of the meringue is on the sheet of baking parchment on the board.   Gently remove the baking parchment that lined the tray to reveal the base of the meringue.

Cover with whipped cream and a sharp flavoured fruit such as raspberries before rolling up from one short end of the rectangle to the other like a Swiss roll.

Chill to firm up before serving.

My Tips:

Make sure the eggs have been out of the fridge for at least 24 hours to reach room temperature and, ideally, use last week’s eggs for this recipe.

For freezing, add about a tablespoon of liqueur while whipping the cream to avoid it splitting in the freezer.   Defrost in the fridge before serving.

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