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3 lbs Honey

1 Lemon

Sprig of rosemary

Sprig of balm

½oz of root ginger, chopped and bruised or grated


Wine or Mead Yeast

Yeast Nutrient


Start the yeast 2 days ahead.   Take a sterilised jar and add a tablespoon of honey.   Pour on a ¼ pint to ½ pint of boiling water and stir to mix.   When cooled to 20°C or below, add the yeast and yeast nutrient.

Put the rosemary and balm into a large pan along with the ginger and zest of the lemon.   Add about 4 pints of water.   Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes.   Put the honey into a fermenting bin or lidded wine bucket and strain the herb liquid through a jelly bag or muslin cloth onto it whilst still hot.   Stir the honey until dissolved.   Add the juice of the lemon.   Allow to cool to 20°C and then add the prepared yeast starter.

After a few days to a week the must can be poured into a demijohn and topped up to the gallon with cooled boiled water prior to fitting the air-lock.   Ferment to as dry as the yeast allows.

My Tips:

Metheglin Alternatives

You can use any herbs and spices in metheglin you wish.   Cloves, cinnamon, marjoram, lemon balm are all commonly used in metheglin.   As well as or instead of the lemon you could add orange zest and juice.

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