Passion Fruit Cream

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230g  Passionfruit puree

10g  Passionfruit powder

225g Sugar

65g  Yolks

3ea  Gelatine (Bronze Grade)

450g Whipping Cream


Heat passion fruit puree to a boil.

Bloom gelatine in ice water.

While on stove, in bowl weigh sugar and passionfruit powder, sift.

In same bowl, add in yolks, mix to well until combined.

Temper passionfruit puree into yolk mixer.

Place back on stove and bring to a boil while whisking continuously.

Turn heat off, add in gelatine and strain into new receptacle.

Let cool to below 80 Fahrenheit.

While cooling, whip cream to soft peak, reserve until ready.

Fold in cream to cooled passionfruit cream.

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