Quickest winter salad

Quickest winter salad.   This is what I knock up when we want some fresh vegetables with the least fuss.   Delicious with a home-made pork pie (hot from the oven) and chutney plus a little baked potato.

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2 celery sticks, peeled.

1 carrot, peeled.

1 eating apple, cored.

2 or 3 Welsh or Spring onions, peeled.

1 tomato.

1 handful sultanas or raisins.

1 handful pumpkin seeds, dry roasted.


Finely chop and slice all the vegetables and mix with the dried fruit and seeds in a bowl.

Serve with a vinaigrette dressing or mayonnaise, seasoned to taste.

My Tips:

Keep a supply of roasted seeds handy: place in a pan over a hot heat until they start popping and browning.   Remove from the heat and cool before storing.

Add other peeled vegetables to hand e.g.  a parsnip, cucumber, even some butternut squash.

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