Raspberry frangipane puddings

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A little butter for greasing.

1 punnet raspberries.

170g honey or caster sugar.

170g butter.

A dash of almond essence.

3 eggs.

170g ground almonds.

1 teaspoon baking powder (choose a gluten free variety to make this recipe gluten free)

2 handfuls flaked almonds.


Lightly grease the insides of six ovenproof dishes/ramekins and divide the raspberries between them

Cream the honey, butter and almond essence until light and fluffy.

One at a time, beat in the eggs with a teaspoon of ground almonds each.

Fold in the remainder of the ground almonds and baking powder followed by the flaked almonds.

Divide the mixture between the dishes, leaving a small dip in the centre of each.

Bake for 20-25 minutes at 165C, Gas 3.

My Tips:

The raspberries will start to cook and produce steam which will puff up the centre of the puddings.   This will collapse a little as the puddings cool.

The liquid from the raspberries will make the bottom of the frangipane mix very moist – it is not a mistake if it seems a little wet.

Serve with the raspberry ice-cream. 

Peeled chopped fresh pears make a good alternative to the raspberries.

If you can tolerate gluten, the raspberries topped with the frangipane mix can be baked in a blind-baked pastry flan case.   When baking the pastry, brush it with beaten egg before returning to the oven once the foil has been removed and again once out of the oven to cool and firm.   A layer of raspberry jam on the pastry is optional before adding the fruit and frangipane for cooking as above.   Check that the centre feels springy to the touch.

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