Savoury buns.

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Basic mix:

4 eggs.

90G extra virgin olive oil.

90g double cream or crème fraiche

110g Gruyere cheese or 60g butter.

175g self-raising flour.

1 level teaspoon baking powder.

Pinch salt.

2pinches ground black pepper.


Flavour variations:

  1. Smoked salmon.

250g smoked salmon, finely cubed.

1 tablespoon chopped fennel fronds.

Zest of a lemon.

Juice of half a lemon.


  1. Mediterranean.

Total weight 250g of any or all of the following:

Olives, stoned and halved.

Ham, chorizo, dried sausage or cooked sausage, chopped.

Rosemary and thyme leaves, chopped.

Sun dried tomatoes, chopped.

Spring onions, chopped.

Pre-cooked mushrooms, chopped.

More cheese, grated.

Sunflower, pumpkin or fennel seeds.


Whizz eggs in food processor before adding oil, cream, cheese/butter and whizzing again.

Add remaining dry ingredients and whizz.

Add your choice of flavouring for the final whizz to create

a light but firm batter.

Divide mixture into a buttered “bun” tray (12 buns for individual servings, 24 for cocktail version).

Cook on the middle shelf of a pre-heated oven 180C, Gas 4 for 25 minutes at most (15-20 minutes for mini versions).

My Tips:

Smoked salmon offcuts can be bought on-line:

Serve the smoked salmon version with your own or a bought tartar sauce with a side salad as a starter, light lunch or supper.

Cook ahead and freeze, wrapped in cling film.   Defrost and gently warm in the microwave before serving.

I keep a stock of mini-versions of both these variations plus bite-sized pork pies in the freezer for entertaining without hassle.

Other variations could be: pre-cooked sausage; curry powder and pre-cooked/left-over vegetables.

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