Sweet Mead

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4lb Honey (for a drier lighter Mead, use 2 ½ or 3 lb of honey)
1 orange 1 lemon

1 gallon water
Yeast suitable for high alcohol/dessert wine
Nutrient + B1 tablet if available


Put honey into the water and bring just to the boil.   Pour into a bucket and allow to cool.   Add juice from lemon and orange and other ingredients.   Ferment for about a week and then rack into a demijohn.   Allow to ferment to completion.   Add Campden tablet, allow to settle for a few days, then rack off and bottle.

My Tips:

A good supply of nutrients is needed, without the B1 tablet; there is a risk of the fermentation sticking.   Mead takes much longer to ferment than a country wine (could be 6-8 weeks), so be patient.   The final gravity of a sweet mead will be quite high (probably in the range 1030-1040).   The Mead improves with age and should be allowed to mature for a few months.

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