Slept on it.

I confess that I was incandescent yesterday hearing that proposed tax reductions would be funded by removing benefits from many disabled people.   But I took a bit of time to mull it over and realise it was just appalling presentation.

What could be better than helping a million people with disabilities to get back to work, fulfilment and happiness.   Not only are their lives better but they have more financial independence and even pay their own taxes.   Win, win!

On the other hand, achieving such a magnificent goal is going to take more than a hard-line approach by the DWP.   Numbers of out-of-work long-term sick have reached a peak of 2.83 million.   Obviously more back-to-work means good effective health care sooner, and we all know that this isn’t happening yet.   Meanwhile, the DWP that will be running it all has a wretched track record: discrimination against its own staff (2020) and now subject to a statutory investigation by the EHRC into possible discrimination against, you guessed, claimants with disabilities.

Perhaps this manifesto really signals a complete change of behaviour and attitude: not giving more to those already doing well at the cost of the poorest and most vulnerable, but signalling a complete change of attitude and behaviour.   Hurrah!

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