So Far.

Very late-night mental meanderings between nephew Toby and I conjured up this title for a project celebrating the courage and determination of refugees.

They have already come so far and still have far to go.   Toby is part of the Folkestone project giving expression to many who are on their journeys from persecution and danger to safety and hope (see details below).   We have so little idea about the misery they have faced but can recognise their desperate inner strength.

Fascinating phone-call with a young student keen on a cooking career.   She’s not going to be put off by very little sight and even less hearing.   With another hearing-impaired cook featuring on TV, it’s clear that people are realising that disability doesn’t get in the way of good food.

This week’s on-line cooking demo showed yet another aspect of classic hot water pastry.   It does more than make a pork pie.   With less salt, the zest of an orange plus a little sugar, there’s the simplest tart pastry.   I have a stack of those individual foil tart cases.   No messy floury rolling out: just mould the compliant pastry into one, prick the bottom and cover with another foil case.   Bake and then remove the top case and brush with beaten egg before returning to the oven.   When cooked, another light egg coating to waterproof the bottom and it’s ready for any filling.   Today it was a little crème fraiche, chopped fresh strawberries and a final fresh glaze.   Easy as pie!   And you can make the tart cases beforehand and just construct on the day.



A collaborative art project by Toby Melville-Bown, Josephine Carter

and members of the refugee community in Folkestone. There’ll be 3 days of talks,

events and creativity, with the sale of a limited-edition poster fundraising for Art Refuge.


Schedule includes;

Private View and Discussion, Fri 23, 6-8pm. Toby Melville-Brown’s Drawing Workshop, Sat 24, 12-4pm. Refugee Week Community Share, Sun 25, 2-4pm


Credits include;

Concept: Toby Melville-Brown @tobymelvillebrown Producer: Josephine Carter @originsuntold  Flipbook Machine: Beth Walker @joineryjournal  Screenprinting: Mesh & Blade @mesh.and.bladeTitle: Penny Melville-Brown Art Refuge / Origins Untold / Fourth Wall Folkestone / Mesh & Blade / Napier Drop-in / Napier Friends / Counterpoints Arts / Refugee Week 2023

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