Sticky mess

Definition of Vulnerability: sous-chef carefully pouring large container of warm sticky honey into jars and unable to defend himself without spreading stickiness everywhere.  Too tempting for tickling!


It’s been a week of charities.  Supporting the hand-over of Treasurers for our local village hall.  It’s not a crock of gold but we do hoard our income with great care.  Meanwhile, another wildly over-staffed national charity still can’t share information well: late, poor literacy and barely comprehends its beneficiaries. It would be good if the feedback made some difference but decades of experience suggests not.  Finally, another vestigial charity with huge ambitions but masses of risk as it needs to get to grips with creating and distributing a substance to the public with all the associated licencing and insurance complications.  How’s that for just a few days?  The good news is that middle age now continues until at least the mid-70s.  Someone should be telling employers.

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