The myth of resilience.

I’ve been battling on in pain for months having burst the medial meniscus of my right knee.   It is one of the soft bits of padding around the kneecap that makes movement comfortable and possible.   And makes it agony and impossible when that vital bit of body has gone.   I’ve been “brave” with the pain, done all the medical stuff, even had some light-weight pain relief and tried to rest it.   There’s some improvement which is good.

But this isn’t a tale of woe but surprise that, during the battling, I could manage.   It is now that there’s some improvement that it has all become so exhausting, overwhelming, depressing, tear-inducing and generally miserable.

While we are in the thick of the current emergency, whether its Covid or an injury, coping is much more possible but, afterwards, it is more of a long-term challenge.   I suppose that real resilience has to kick in after rather than during the crisis.   I need to do better.

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