Ticket offices saved?

Talking on BBC Radio 5 Live last week about Labour’s plan to re-nationalise the railways, I was emphasising that 1-in-5 of the population are people with disabilities.   Add a travelling companion, carer, family member or friend, and the numbers affected by good accessibility double.   While the plans don’t include closing ticket offices, the devil will be in the detail.

Another speaker seemed to think that “disability” means people who use wheelchairs.   Staggering that many don’t realise that most life-changing conditions are hidden.   Just think of all those other physical and mental health problems that aren’t obvious to those of you who can see!

The possible Passenger Standards Authority will be the key to fair and legal treatment for everyone.   But it needs to take charge from the outset. We need a partnership of rail workers, public and private sectors all working well for those of us who pay: all of us who make up “the public”.   Too often, we are the last in the queue when it comes to priorities.

Meanwhile, I’ve been perfecting roasting duck (brine and long slow cook) and experimenting with mini focaccia: try offering around “focaccini” at your next social gathering!  Just saying the word nearly put postie  Bev off trying a sample.  But they are delicious and so simple with a bread-maker to create the dough.


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