Typical Monday morning?

Six tonnes of gravel arrived at o’crack sparrow to re-fill the drive.   Before the lorry could reverse and drop the enormous heap, one car to be moved and one bike rescued.   Most puzzling, the driver asked, “Have you got many residents in?” so now we look like a care home!   Worse, the sous-chef is giggling that it was the sight of me that implanted the idea.

My retort: it’s his awful footwear.   I always thought that trainers were people who assisted with fitness or horses but, apparently, they can also be some dreadful man-made foot apparel with, worse, branding!   And people wear them!

So now we have the gravel mountain perfectly placed for the next visitor who is due any moment, to fill his car with beekeeping kit brought back from the national Convention where, even more unbearably, the sous-chef was clearly a hit (radio interview, two speaking slots and unmentionable levels of smugness).   It’s going to be an interesting roadside exchange of paraphernalia with just the lightest touch of drizzle – serves him right.

Thankfully, even though cars are now excluded, the dozen or so attending the Trustee meeting here this evening should be able to breathe in and sidle down the footpath!   Meanwhile, the housekeepers are sensibly hiding, my assistant is due any minute and, thank goodness, the chaps will spread the mountain tomorrow.   Rest home – the chance would be a fine thing!

I hope that the start of your week is rather gentler.

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