Valentine’s treat


Clearing out kitchen cupboards sounds hardly romantic but is highly therapeutic: all that new clean space to fill again.   I had no problems throwing out the gravy granules: two packs, each Best Before 2006.   But I did resent having to dispose of home-made plum ketchup dated 2003 (3 bottles) though I’m not sure we would ever have eaten it.

Massive triumph: very mature (Best Before October 2008) tin of condensed milk consigned to oven on lowest temperature possible for six hours while delicious lamb tajine cooked.   Cooled the tin overnight and opened to reveal perfect caramel for Millionairess shortbread

Much easier than simmering the tin in hot water for hours.   And the possibility of doing several tins at a time, still unopened so that the contents are ready in the future.

The lamb tajine was a great success too and cleared out a sachet of Moroccan spices and a lingering jar of harissa, lots of last week’s vegetables from the fridge, a tin of chickpeas and 1.5kg lamb.   It has made 12 servings.   The upshot is that the cupboard and fridge are emptier but the freezers are groaning.

Back to Basics with baked fruit salad on Monday 14 February at 1030.   Salad with the shortbread treats will make the grade for Valentine’s Day.   Tidier cupboard plus happier spouse: bargain.

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