What makes a good leader?

All the political debates about new Governments next year in America and here plus all the words being spouted at the Covid Enquiry, I’ve been pondering on how to choose a good leader.   For anyone else with a military background like me, I think I’m looking for:

Motivation.   Someone who is stepping up for the benefit of others rather than self-aggrandisement, personal advantage or just because it looks good on a CV!

Competence.   A strong track record of actual achievements, qualifications and experience that will be relevant and useful to future goals plus willingness to learn from others rather than just woolly words about vague activities.

Humanity.   Care and empathy, compassion and courtesy for the needs and priorities of others, in word and deed rather than hail-fellow-well-met glibness.

Honesty.   Again, in word and action at every level, in every setting and with everyone rather than changing tune according to the audience.

What do you think? How do all our leaders compare? 


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