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Blind Veterans had a big fund-raising drive over the Christmas holidays and I’m sure that including my famous ginger biscuit recipe in their leaflet made all the difference!   Check it out and you might also be inspired to make a donation.   So far, they’ve raised over £150K and I reckon every penny is down to those biscuits!

Did you know that perhaps 1 in 4 people with sight loss are missing out on the help and support they should be getting?   Travel concessions, a parking Blue Badge, benefits, extra tax allowance and much more all depend on whether the ophthalmic consultant “certifies” the patient as partially sighted or blind (the more familiar terms for Sight or Severely Sight impaired).   But probably half of those eligible slip through the net.   Once certified, Local Authority Social Services should be in touch to arrange “registration”: the important step in getting all that help.   But, again, another 50% may not get that far.   If you know anyone facing sight problems, please make sure they know about this pathway to an easier future.   There’s a short paper which explains what should be happening .   Fellow blind veteran, Simon, did all the research and I helped out with the writing.   Please share wildly.

I’m working through masses of mind-boggling Office for National Statistics data which is fascinating on disability information.   Just a snippet: young people with disabilities are falling behind their peers in getting to university.   Their long-term prospects may falter too.   Perhaps the universities are too focussed on their bottom lines to make their courses available for everyone?

A bunch of Hampshire cooks who just happen to have sight problems got together on-line to create our Valentine’s Day wickedly indulgent chocolate mud cakes.   The recipe is unashamedly calorific but will give at least 18 servings .   I flavoured mine with orange zest and served with dead-easy Cointreau ice-cream plus slices of fresh orange (for healthiness!) .   Kept in the fridge, it lasts over a week but just bring back the slices to room temperature.  One of our group is avoiding wheat flour and sugar so has also shared his Guinness chocolate cake too.

We are back to Baking Blind basics next time: a quick and simple rough puff pastry that works with both sweet and savoury tarts, pies and more.   One of those recipes every cook should know.   You can join us at 1030 on Monday 13 March – register for free at:  https://back-to-baking-blind-basics.eventbrite.co.uk

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