HMRC News: Help parents receive all the Child Benefit payments they’re entitled to by 31 August

News from HMRC:

To carry on claiming Child Benefit, parents and carers of teens staying in full-time education or training need to let us know. 

Parents and carers with children aged 16 and 17 can quickly and easily extend their Child Benefit online or in the HMRC app. They will see changes applied to their Child Benefit claim immediately by viewing their proof of entitlement.

Customers with children aged 18 or over who are also staying in approved education or training can still advise us on this online i-form, and changes will be applied automatically.  

This is just one of the ways we’re improving our digital services to make things simpler and quicker for customers. 

Customers can also see recent Child Benefit payments, proof of their claim, and update their bank and address details instantly online or in the HMRC app, without needing to call us or send any forms via post.

Please remind your members with children over 16 to take action to continue claiming Child Benefit by 31 August. If they don’t, their payments will automatically stop.  


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