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HMRC News 8 March 2023

Read the latest news covering the following topics; Making it easier for customers to view their payments and prove they’re entitled to Child Benefit Voluntary National Insurance Contributions – extended deadline Click here to read.

Latest HMRC news

Click here. Tax Credits Ltd stopped from being a tax repayment agent Budget Payment Plan available for Self Assessment customers Apprentices can use the HMRC App to support their applications Marriage Allowance – couples could save up to £252 a…

From the Tax people.

Customers can pay their tax bill in around 60 seconds using the HMRC app ahead of 31 January deadline Businesses that deferred VAT due to COVID-19 must act now to avoid a penalty

Latest from HMRC

2023-24 Cost of Living Payments  Cost of Living Payments of up to £900 will be paid to eligible customers receiving means-tested benefits, including tax credits, in three new instalments throughout 2023 and 2024. The first 2023-24 payment of £301 will…

Cost of Living Payments update

From HMRC: Millions of households across the UK receiving certain benefits, including tax credits, have now received Cost of Living Payments of up to £650, paid in two lump sums of £326 and £324. If a customer thinks they’re eligible…

HMRC app

HMRC says: New improvements to the HMRC app The HMRC app has been updated and improved to include quick and easy ways for users to make a Self Assessment payment and get their employment details (such as income and employment…

Cost of living

HMRC says:   Eligible tax credits only customers set to receive first Cost of Living Payment Most customers receiving both tax credits and other eligible benefits will have received their first Cost of Living Payment from the Department for Work…

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