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Moving home – customers can update their address digitally  .

August is the most popular time for house moves and we know that moving can be a busy time with lots to consider, and we don’t want customers to miss out on money they’re entitled to and/or any actions they need to take.

So, we’re making it quicker and easier for customers to tell HMRC when they change their address on GOV.UK or through the HMRC app.

Following recent improvements to the online service, customers can now update their address within minutes and get instant confirmation to reassure them that it’s done, with no need to call.

Guidance for first or last time Self Assessment filer.s

We’re reminding individuals who need to submit a tax return for the first time, or who no longer need to because their circumstances have changed, to tell us by the 5 October 2023.

They can use the free online tool on GOV.UK to check if they need to complete a tax return for 6 April 2022 to 5 April 2023 tax year.

Guidance on whether they need to complete a Self Assessment tax return this year, including information about how to register for Self Assessment and what they’ll need to do if they stop being self-employed is available on GOV.UK.

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