Latest from HMRC: VAT

Latest from HMRC:

“Whether you’re new to VAT or would like to refresh your knowledge, take advantage of our online support for the information you need – including the following live webinars.

You can ask any questions you may have by using the on-screen text box.

Please note that the following webinars won’t be covering all the VAT accounting schemes, or how to deal with VAT when trading with other countries.

VAT – the basics and the VAT return
During this live webinar, we’ll be looking at:

what VAT is and charging VAT
standard VAT accounting
paying your VAT bill
what to do if you make a mistake
cancelling your VAT registration
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VAT Accounting Schemes
We’ll be covering:
the Cash Accounting Scheme
the Flat Rate Scheme
the Annual Accounting Scheme
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VAT – using the Flat Rate Scheme
Join us and find out about:
what the Flat Rate Scheme is and how you can use the scheme
when you can reclaim VAT for capital expenditure
what to do if you have more than one business
how to fill in your VAT return
record keeping
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We also have a series of short videos available on HMRC’s YouTube channel, which includes:
How can I avoid common errors when I complete my VAT registration form?
How do I show my taxable turnover and business activities on the VAT registration form? “
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