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Self assessments

We’re changing how we let Self Assessment customers and their agents know we’ve issued a Self Assessment BACS electronic repayment. There is no change to the repayment process itself, so customers will still receive any money owed to them through their bank as normal.  From 7 December, we stopped sending a letter informing customers of a Self Assessment repayment, as these letters often arrive after the repayment has been made, leading to confusion and increased contact from customers.  We’re also changing digital notifications for Self Assessment repayments. Where customers have opted to receive an email rather than a letter,which means we are temporarily pausing these too, but we’ll let you know when these are reinstated.  In the meantime, repayments will still be issued to customers’ chosen bank account as usual. Customers will be able to see these transactions in their HMRC online account and in the HMRC app.

Cost of living payment for eligible customers receiving tax credits and no other means-tested benefits. Eligible customers receiving tax credits and no other means-tested benefits will get the final 2023-24 Cost of Living Payment of £299 from HMRC between 16 and 22 February 2024. They don’t need to apply or contact us to receive the payment, as they’ll be paid automatically in the same way they usually get their tax credits.

This is the third of three payments in 2023-24 to help with the cost of living, totalling up to £900 throughout the year for those eligible and on means-tested benefits. Eligible customers receiving qualifying benefits other than tax credits will be paid by DWP between 6-22 February 2024.

More information is on GOV.UK about the cost of living payments 2023 to 2024, including eligibility criteria for the £299 payment.

Self employment: Helping contractors steer clear of tax avoidance schemes

We’re helping contractors spot the warning signs of tax avoidance, get support to leave schemes and report suspicious companies. These can be viewed on GOV.UK. We have also published details of named tax avoidance schemes, promoters, enablers and suppliers on GOV.UK. This is not a complete list. There may be others that we cannot currently publish. HMRC never approves tax avoidance schemes for use.

You can help us to protect contractors by telling them about our ‘Tax avoidance – don’t get caught out’ campaign and share/ like our posts through your relevant social media channels.

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